Blu Age in 2 minutes

We are entering a new era. The Digital Era

Take your legacy business applications to the digital level.
Today 350 billion lines of COBOL code are still running most of business systems around the world (Source: IBM - InterConnect 2016 - February 2016). Unfortunately, such legacy architectures and programming languages are not digital ready. The digital world requires modern languages, like Java or .Net.
Blu Age is a technology that automates the transformation of your legacy business applications into full digital applications with the latest technological standards. How does it work? Blu Age dives into the code of your applications, extracts their business logic, and produces comprehensive models that show you all the functional behaviour and the business rules implemented in the source code. Then based on these models, it automatically rewrites your applications completely, in the most advanced cloud native digital architecture with appropriate programming languages like Javascript, Java or .Net. Consistent high quality code with a totally new structure - Development in a very short amount of time - No extra coding or deep programming knowledge.
Blu Age has really been built as a reliable and efficient solution for transforming COBOL legacy applications to full digital applications. This is the fastest and easiest industrial way to make your applications Digital, no matter how complex or sensitive they are.

January 2017.